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Πατίνια VI 100'13

Πατίνια VI 100'13
Τιμή : 299,00
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Επιπλέον χαρακτηριστικά :

ΚΕΛΥΦΟΣ : Anatomically shaped shell, flap and cuff made of CFK material, one piece padded flap, Atop II disk closure system, clap-snap-wrap 3600 closure for perfect fit and support, air ventilation, 195χιλ. X-Slot Mounting System
ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΟ ΜΠΟΤΑΣ : Heat mouldable, removable and washable liner, ventilated liner, super comfortable thanks to Natural Foot Shape System (NFS)
ΆΞΟΝΑΣ : CNC machined Vi race frame, extruded with integrated frame spacers, 8χιλ. steel axles and 8χιλ.aluminium spacers, Road Hog speed brake
ΡΟΔΑΚΙΑ : Powerslide Infinity 100χιλ., 85Α
ΡΟΥΛΕΜΑΝ : Powerslide Twincam ILQ 9 608

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